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Open-air ambience

Open-air ambience

Q. We'd like to celebrate the beauty of the county with an outdoor wedding. What do we need to consider to ensure our day has the best atmosphere?

A. Sally Gallis says: Outdoor weddings are wonderful, whether you're having a large-scale marquee celebration or, as a lot of couples are opting for now, a simple garden event surrounded by nearest and dearest. Whatever you're planning, you need to consider both the atmosphere and design of the day to ensure your guests feel comfortable and entertained. I always think about the flow of the event first and foremost. There will be times when you want your guests to feel relaxed, able to connect and chat, and then others when they need to be entertained and having fun. Your overall design as well as props and furniture can really aid in achieving this.

Having a chilled out and neutral colour palette can lend an air of romance with a serene atmosphere. Your décor can reflect your surroundings, so perhaps keep it light and add elements of the setting in the form of natural materials, features and florals. Alternatively, create an energised party atmosphere with colourful furniture and props with a wow factor that provide a talking point for guests.

Sally Gallis,Luna And The Lane


Grand designs

Grand designs

Q. We're trying the knot at a stately home venue, and it's already quite heavily embellished. How can we style it tastefully for our wedding day?

A. Amanda Samain says: Stately homes are timeless and classic for your nuptials. We suggest being clean, clear and classic in your styling, which will balance the embellished décor. You can't go wrong with whites and greenery, candlelight and fairylights, and if the ceilings are high, why not opt for some tall, elegant table centres? You can even mix and match, between high and low centrepieces, which we love. This gives a lovely look to wedding receptions, with added depth. Classic candelabra always go down well too, and can be dressed up with florals, crystals and pearls.

Amanda Samain,Hire Your Day


Springtime style

Springtime style

Q. How can we incorporate the best of spring in our venue styling?

A. Sally Gallis says: Spring for me is all about colour. You might wish to incorporate fresh pastels, such as baby pinks, dusky blues and delicate yellows, or turn up the volume using jewel tones, and zingy pops of red, zesty lemon, magenta, and deep purple.

The warmer weather and longer days mean you can bring the outside in, or take yourselves out! Open-air seating areas are still a lovely idea, and I've seen some amazing budget-friendly chill-out spaces, which allow you to stay outside for the stunning golden hour.

Scent is so important and spring brings it in abundance. Your venue would smell beautifully fresh with the aroma of daffodils, hyacinth, lavender, tulips and peonies in rustic planters, and will inject a burst of colour, which you can extend to other decorative elements.

Sally Gallis,Events by Design


Guilty pleasures

Guilty pleasures

Q. We're getting married between Christmas and New Year, and really want to bring the season into our day without being overly cheesy! What can you suggest?

A. Brian Mole says: You've chosen a wonderful time of year for a wedding. If you're lucky enough to have snow, just think about what the photos could look like! Chances are your family and friends will all be around during this festive holiday season, and as the pressures of Christmas are over, they'll be only too happy to celebrate with you.

Musically, there's not much need to have too many cheesy Christmas tunes, which will probably grate with most people by then. Instead, just think of your favourite music. Ask your family and friends what they love to dance to if you need a little more inspiration, and let your DJ know what you don't want as everyone's definition of cheesy is a little different! Above all, enjoy this fabulous time of the year with your loved ones.

Brian Mole


Colour me autumn

Colour me autumn

Q. We're getting married next November and are struggling to settle on a palette. What would you advise?

A. Amanda Samain says: 2020 will see a mix of palettes. We have the ongoing trend for white and greenery with a pop of gold, then there's the opulent navy, burgundy and plum tones. Woodland weddings and natural vibes are still strong and can set off a venue spectacularly, lending it an enchanted ambience. White table linens with bold-hued napkins can finish a tablescape beautifully, and you can make an even bigger impact by adding tinted glassware.

Amanda Samain


Bullion for you

Bullion for you

Q. I'm looking to wow our guests with venue styling that's both modern and quirky - what can you suggest?

A. Alison Hood says: Hanging hoops of bullion are a hot styling newbie that we expect to see much more of over the coming months. These fanciful ornamental braids or fringing are made with twists of gold, silver or white threads. In fact, they've been used similarly in design and décor for decades but appear to be making a stylish comeback.

Bullion cords have a remarkable ability to create an immediate impact, with their grand presence introducing an entirely different ambience and air of elegance to any setting. Additionally, they are tremendously versatile, blending beautifully into any theme, whether it be modern, minimalist, edgy, bohemian, vintage, quirky or classical.

Big in impact, small on budget. What's not to love? This is one design element to deserve a seat at the style round table for a long time to come.

Psst… check out page 67 to see this style must have in action!

Alison Hood

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