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What's hot?

What's hot?

Q. What are the latest wedding trends for 2022?

A. Mariella Fleming says: Beautiful brights are on the rise. After the postponement of many weddings due to the pandemic, lots of couples are embracing the colours of the rainbow to ensure the most uplifting day possible. Even if you're not on board with employing the full paint box in your styling, this vivacious trend is simple to weave in, from a bouquet of vibrant blooms to bridesmaid dresses in an array of hues and ribbons cascading from your venue's beams. A pop of colour can be as bold or as delicate as you wish.

For several years we've seen a penchant for bringing the outside in. However, in a historically Edwardian move, couples are turning the tables and taking home comforts into the great outdoors for both their ceremony and reception – think outdoor chandeliers, cosy sofas, twinkling fairylights and luxurious fabrics. Our Secret Garden plays into this perfectly with plenty of scope to embellish the pergola and benches with throws and lighting.

Mariella Fleming, Southend Barns


Forward thinking

Forward thinking

Q. What are the latest trends in wedding venue styling?

A. Sally Gallis says: The pandemic made us all re-evaluate weddings. Couples are now more conscious of how precious shared time with family and friends is. To this end, 2022 celebrations are likely to be more personal, creative and fun, using statement colour palettes, thoughtful décor, bold style and unique entertainment.

There'll be an increased focus on the environment and nature, with more outdoor weddings or venue dressing bringing the outside in. Florals will either be huge floor-to-ceiling installations or run along the full-length of the tables and be more waste mindful. With the focus on sustainability, rented flowers and leafy plants in terracotta pots are likely to be huge.

In terms of colour there'll be something for everyone. The traditional pastel pinks and whites will be replaced with earthy, natural hues – think soft pinks, coffee, honey, caramels and ivories with a touch of rust or amber for those wanting something warmer. Couples will be embracing non-traditional palettes too.

Media and fashion trends always influence décor and design, so I expect to see the obsession with the Regency era (thanks to Netflix's Bridgerton) find its way into weddings. Whether this be through pastel colour palettes featuring soft blues, stationery details and signage in calligraphy; or floral arrangements of roses and trailing wisteria, with dining details using vintage china.

Sally Gallis, Luna and the Lane


Celebrate the season

Celebrate the season

Q. We want to make our ceremony and big-day as a whole a celebration of autumn. Do you have any ideas on what we could do and include to carry this off?

A. Merie Brown says: When I think of autumn weddings, I think crisp, clear days with dark sparkling nights, pine cones, vibrant leaves, rustic logs and tree stumps. Outdoor ceremonies almost feel like a must!

Themed weddings spring to mind including apple bobbing, Halloween, Harry Potter or pumpkins and chestnuts with palette accents of orange, copper or gold if you want to go all out. Autumn is a romantic and atmospheric time of year to get married, as the warm colour schemes add a natural earthy feel to proceedings.

Choose seasonal wedding flowers such as foxgloves, antique roses, dried ferns and eucalyptus. These all look amazing with muted peach and brown tones, perhaps even consider an artificial bouquet in rich hues reflecting the season. If you love the idea of a confetti throw, use fresh crisp leaves crushed into clear jars that can hold candles afterwards to light your venue's outdoor spaces when the sun goes down.

The autumn months allow you to be adventurous with your food options and be sure to use quality local produce. What could be more inviting on a crisp afternoon than a bowl of fresh homemade soup to start your wedding breakfast? Finish with hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows to take outside as you gaze at the stars. Magic and sparkles: I just love autumn weddings!

Merie Brown, Orange Rose Ceremonies