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With a bang

With a bang

Q. We want a festival/club vibe to our evening celebrations. What can we add to make it fun and memorable?

A. Ashling Barclay says: Using special effects at weddings can truly make your big day unique, adding moments that you and your guests will remember forever. For example, our effects range from traditional outdoor firework displays to simple ice fountains for your wedding cake and just about anything else you can think of in between.

To bring a club vibe to the dancefloor, why not use a confetti cannon, which can be set to go off just as you reach the end of your first dance for that real wow factor? You could even go for an all-out gig atmosphere with your very own pyro FX! Or how about a smoke or bubble machine for a touch of romance when the DJ starts playing the slow songs?

As the leading UK supplier of professional special effects and pyrotechnics to the theatre, entertainment and live events industries, we've seen that as the industry has grown more and more clients are wanting effects for their weddings. We're equally happy to work with you to create your wedding-day extravaganza as we are with A-list artists, TV channels and theatre companies.

Ashling Barclay, SFX Supplies and Hire


All night long

All night long

Q. We're having nightmares about those awkward periods during weddings we've been to where the dancefloor is empty. How can you suggest we avoid this embarrassment at our wedding?

A. Brian Mole says: The key point to consider here is whether the right music is playing. If I were to ask you: “What's your favourite music?” You may give me a list of amazing tunes, but will they set the dancefloor on fire? A better question to ask is: “What do you promise to dance to?” This will make you think about those songs you remember celebrating to. Think about who'll be attending your wedding too. Are all the guests friends in the same age group with the same awesome taste in music as you, or will there be a wide age range present?

Choosing your wedding party music is one of the most important aspects of the big day's entertainment. It ensures the success of the party, and everyone's enjoyment of it. As a minimum, you should think about working with your DJ in advance, and giving them a few request lists such as:

- A must-play list of your own favourite songs to dance to.

- Your guests' requests of songs they love to dance to.

- Special requests such as your first dance.

- A don't play list – songs not to be played under any circumstances!

Hiring a professional wedding DJ with lots of experience should give you confidence that the dancefloor will be full all night long. Make sure you check out reviews from other couples who've booked the DJ you're considering before you book and meet them beforehand. One final tip: don't leave it to the last minute to book a pro. The last few months have meant that most are booked up for key dates already.

Brian Mole, DJ Brian Mole


Game for a laugh

Game for a laugh

Q. What quirky extras can we add to our venue to bring more personality to our day?

A. Amanda Samain says: One point to consider as you plan is what your guests will be doing while you're off having your photos taken. Having a selection of over size and fun games will not only give them something to do, but also act as a great ice-breaker getting the conversation flowing along with the drinks. Beat the Buzzer, bowling and a coconut shy are all great, and you can make a real feature out of the space, adding some seating and props to work with your theme.

After spending endless nights deliberating over the seating plan there are bound to be some guests who won't know each other. By having some games on the table or perhaps even a magician, you'll get them all chatting.

Amanda Samain, Hire Your Day