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Picture perfect

Picture perfect

Q. Our venue is gorgeous inside and out. How can we make the most of it with our wedding photos?

A. Sophie Ward says: Planning will be the key here. Make a list of the areas you love and let your photographer know about them in your pre-wedding meeting. List them in order of importance in case you need to prioritise on the day. Think about your chosen style: is it modern, traditional or themed? This will also help your photographer to pick out any idyllic or unusual little corners that best suit your style.

Try to visualise how you want to remember your special day. Do you want couple shots in front of a beautiful old bay window with plenty of natural light streaming in, or walking through the long grass hand in hand with your stunning venue in the background?

Don't worry about the weather spoiling your outdoor shots. Ask your venue in advance if they have wedding umbrellas and bring some colourful wellies with you just in case. There's a great photo opportunity in everything when the venue is gorgeous.

Finally, remember: a good photographer will capture the special moments and places throughout the day without you even realising.

Sophie Ward, Sophie Ward Photography


When the stars come out

When the stars come out

Q. What are your suggestions for creative night-time shots?

A. Fiona Mills says: The first point of call is to look at the environment for slithers of ambient light that can be used to create a scene. During the consultation stage, I get an idea of any themes and styles that can be brought into the image to complement the couple's vibe for the day, and creatively use what's around me to create images to reflect that. In my camera bag, I carry a variety of external light sources that I can use to bring more light into a scene if required, and smoke can also enhance the atmosphere of a darker scene. One of my couples' wedding took the theme of The Walking Dead, so we re-created a car park scene for them using the cars as props and posing of the bridal party to mirror the scene from the series. There's a particular moment as the night draws in called Nautical Dusk, which is the ideal moment to head outside as the sky becomes the most beautiful deep, dark blue. Any later and the sky texture is lost in the black sky. Another firm favourite is the sparkler exit – everyone loves to get those sparklers lit and celebrate the newlyweds as they leave the venue.

Fiona Mills, Fiona Mills Art


It takes two

It takes two

Q. A friend of ours had two photographers on their wedding day. What are the benefits of this – should we do the same?

A. Tania Jones says: There are many reasons why having two photographers is a great choice for wedding couples.

- Different locations. More often than not, the bride and groom are getting ready at separate locations, so having two photographers means both preparations can be captured at the same time. This is the only part of the day you're not together, so it's interesting for you to see what you were both up to!

- Different aspects. During the ceremony, having one photographer stationed at the front and one at the back means minimal movement and disruption allowing us to capture special moments, such as the first look and ring exchange, effectively and unobtrusively.

- Simultaneous event coverage. One photographer can be taking the formal group photos, while the other captures more candid moments of the mingling and natural interactions between you and your guests.

- Creative shots without taking you away from your guests for too long. Two photographers can set up and rehearse a special shot to ensure that settings and lighting are correct before calling you for the actual shot. This means it will only take a few moments to capture, and you can return swiftly to your guests.

- The speeches and entertainment. With two photographers you have double the chance of catching the emotions of the speaker and the both of you, as well as incidental moments in the evening celebrations. These moments happen in an instant and can't be set up or repeated. We've both got our eyes and ears open, fingers ready on the shutter button!

Tania Jones, Steve and Tania Photography


Gone with the wind

Gone with the wind

Q. March is significant to us and we'd like to choose this month to say our vows, but last year in particular the weather was awful. How would we get around that?

A. Tania Jonas says: Don't let the weather ruin your day! We photographed two weddings in 2019, with gale force winds, but neither let the extreme conditions affect the joy and fun of their days one iota. One of our brides lost her veil completely – the wind just took it and it flew into the grounds.

If you're brave enough to face the elements, some fun shots can be had. You'll always remember exactly how your day was. If the venue has a gazebo, you're sorted. Good cover for the bride and groom is all that's needed, and some wonderful photography can be captured making the use of flashlights. Alternatively, you can always stay in and use natural light coming through the windows for photographs. Above all, embrace whatever comes your way!

Tania Jonas