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Remembering loved ones

Remembering loved ones

Q. Tell us how you would plan a wedding sustainably.

A. Rachael Tout says: There are lots of different ways that you can remember someone at your wedding sustainably, without turning to disposable items. It's a lovely idea to raise a glass to them in your toast or remember them with music; your first dance could be a piece of music you all enjoyed.

You could include a favourite meal or drink on your menu that reminds you of who you are missing – did they make the best pudding? Or could you add a cocktail that celebrates them? For example, was your best friend full of fizz? If so, add it to your menu in honour of that person – it's sure to raise a smile.

If you're having a faith wedding, you can ask your faith leader to remember your loved one in your wedding prayers.

You could ask for donations for a charity close to your heart so that favours using plastic materials etc aren't thrown away after the event. At St Wilfrid's Hospice, we support couples who'd like to have a wedding donation box or wedding favours related to raising money for the Hospice, so that the charity can go on to support other families in a similar situation in the future.

Rachael Tout, St Wilfrid’s Hospice


On the wings of love

On the wings of love

Q. It's been a tough year and we're delighted that our wedding is looking like it can go ahead later this year. We want to add something extra special to our plans though. What would you suggest?

A. Viv Lambert says: Upcoming weddings are the perfect opportunity to celebrate the love and relationships we've all missed, both between the happy couple themselves and also with friends and family. However, not all of your loved ones can be with you in person on the big day, so a beautiful white dove release is the perfect way to symbolise the love and freedom everyone wants to fly toward now. For example, we offer up to five doves for the price of two symbolising those who can only be with you in spirit.

Two doves come in a pretty cage on a white pillar, with extras in a heart-shaped basket, both prettily decorated with flowers and ribbons to match your theme. Always accompanied by an experienced handler, on release they rise and circle to orientate before heading off for home, giving an opportunity for beautiful photographs while putting on a stunning display.

Viv Lambert, Lambert's White Dove Release