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Where to begin?

Where to begin?

Q. We're just starting out on our big-day journey and neither of us have a clue what we should look for when booking a venue. Can you help?

A. Laura Pauley says: There's so much choice when it comes to choosing a wedding venue, but there are several questions you can answer to assist in narrowing down your choices. Firstly, what's your budget? Secondly, what's your vision of your special day? Is it traditional, such as a heritage hotel or modern and unique like the British Airways i360 viewing pod? Perhaps it's a natural setting, such as a barn or garden.

Next, think about how many guests you'll invite. This will help you to decide what size the space needs to be. Wedding venues will be able to advise you how many people they can accommodate and offer ideas for the best layout and realistically how easy it is to transform it to suit your vision.

Finally, what time of year do you wish to marry? Indoor venues will suit you best for a winter wedding, but for spring or summer nuptials somewhere that has a large outdoor area with indoor rooms would be worth a look. For example, BA i360 has large beachfront terraces combined with indoor rooms boasting sea views giving the best of both.

Laura Pauley, British Airways i360


In the country

In the country

Q. We're pretty open minded when it comes to the type of venue we choose for our big day. What are the benefits of barn venues in particular?

A. Helen Trigg says: Barns instantly have the wow factor even before you step into them. They offer a welcoming feel particularly when they're older original structures, which ooze a sense of history, character and beauty. Brick and flint, exposed beams, period features... what more could you wish for? Barns offer a real natural and raw beauty that you can't find in other types of venues, exuding a wonderful character and a sense of space and calm. Being among nature surrounded by trees naturally makes everyone feel instantly relaxed. Flexible and large open spaces are always a big hit too.

Cissbury Barns for example gives you the whole package – a stunning estate and countryside setting hidden in the South Downs that's exclusive to you.

Helen Trigg, Cissbury House and Barns