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Styled to eco perfection

Styled to eco perfection

Q. Tell us how to plan a wedding sustainably

A. Sally Gallis says: Here at Luna And The Lane, one of our main considerations for any wedding is how you can make informed and thoughtful choices about sustainability. Weddings can create waste, something that suppliers must be incredibly mindful about, certainly in the current climate when the focus is so much on our environment. There are many ways you can ensure your wedding involves sustainable choices. Here are just a few:
•Consider re-using any floral arrangements – your florist can advise about this. Think about using dried flowers that you can keep after the wedding or gift on.
•Swapping flowers for potted plants, which can then be planted as a keepsake.
•Hire goods such as furniture or table décor rather than buying things that you'll only end up putting in the loft.
•If you do buy décor, make sure that you either sell it on (Facebook Marketplace is a great place to do this) or pass it on to others.
•Use local suppliers to cut down on their carbon footprint and buy from small businesses. •Incorporate locally-grown food and use local distilleries or wineries for booze.
•Find out if your florist can source blooms from flower farms in the local area rather than having them imported.
•Ask your caterer for advice on limiting leftovers.

Sally Gallis, Luna And The Lane