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Capture our festival-themed wedding

Capture our festival-themed wedding

Q. Our festival-themed wedding will be pretty spread out across a large area from our woodland vows to the wedding breakfast in a tipi. How can we be sure to capture everything that's going on throughout the day?

A. Morgan Andrews says: I'd recommend a well-organised crew of at least two camera operators. Our team use in-ear radio mics to coordinate themselves so they can follow a tight plan and react quickly to capture those wonderfully random moments of magic.

You'll want a team that has small and light yet well-stabilised cameras. This means that they can cover a lot of ground on foot without getting fatigued, and the footage will always be steady. A drone is the next piece of essential kit for capturing the scale of a festival wedding. Make sure the pilots all hold valid PfCO certificates issued by the CAA to show they operate safely and within the law.

Imagery aside, sound is one thing that many fail to consider when having a wedding film produced, and it can make or break your keepsake. We've developed a system that delivers crisp, clear vows and speeches without tangled wires that's so small it won't ruin the line of a suit. The same goes for any live music. We would recommend that whoever shoots your big day gets chummy with the AV team so they can patch into the live feed for distortion-free audio.

Morgan Andrews