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With this ring...

With this ring...

Q. Sustainability is important to us. How is it possible to carry this through to our wedding rings?

A. Georgina Marfe says: This is a topic often discussed with our customers and is something we're passionate about. So our key piece of advice would be to look for a wedding ring supplier that's a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. We proudly partner Brown & Newirth who've been official members for three consecutive years.

The RJC is the world's only global retail body for responsible jewellery through the mine to retail supply chain. In order to become a member a supplier must undergo an audit that looks into the materials, sources and supply chains for everything they use to create their jewellery. Wider human rights and environmental assessments also take place, making accreditation a very tough but special achievement.

If you'd like to know more about Brown & Newirth's latest sustainability commitments come along to our newly refurbished showroom for a chat with one of our team of expert consultants.

Georgina Marfe, Wakefields


Jewel of the aisle

Jewel of the aisle

Q. I'd like some stones in my wedding ring, and ideally a bit of colour. What would you suggest?

A. Andrew Leggett says: In recent years, diamond-set wedding rings have become increasingly popular with both brides and grooms, largely due to their durability. Your wedding ring will be subjected to a lifetime of wear, and diamonds are less likely than other stones to suffer damage. Fortunately, diamonds come in a range of colours. Natural, fancy coloured diamonds can be very expensive, but colour-enhanced diamonds are more affordable.

Sapphires and rubies are next to diamonds in terms of hardness, but are nevertheless much less hard wearing. A word of caution: if your engagement ring has no coloured stone, I'd be very wary of adding colour to your wedding ring. Most people want their engagement ring to be the focus of attention, and coloured stones in your wedding band tend to draw the eye away from it. However, if your engagement ring does feature a coloured stone, you could go for some small accent jewels of the same hue.

There are lots of stones available, and opting for a bespoke design will open up a great many opportunities that you're unlikely to find in ready-made versions. The ring pictured is a man's platinum band with white, yellow and blue diamonds.

Andrew Leggett, Aurum Jewellery


How to select the perfect wedding rings...

How to select the perfect wedding rings...

Q. When you're looking for a wedding ring that's perfect for you, these are some of the things you need to bear in mind:

A. Andrew Leggett says: - Your ring should suit your style. You have to be happy with the way it looks on your hand. Consider the width, depth and profile.

- If you have an engagement ring, the two should complement and sit well against each other. You may need to look at fitted wedding bands.

- Your choice should fit your lifestyle. It needs to be robust enough to stand up to whatever treatment it's likely to face. You don't want it to cause you issues such as catching on objects or people.

Although, there's a huge range of wedding rings on the market, it can still be hard to find one that ticks all the boxes. It's possible your ideal ring doesn't actually exist, so why not opt for a bespoke design? A jeweller or goldsmith could design and make a ring that meets all your requirements, including budget. You'll have a hand in the design process, and will end up with something unique that's perfect for you.

Andrew Leggett, Aurum Designer-Jewellers

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