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We ask the experts for their royal wedding predictions.

Floral fancy

Q. What will the royal flowers be like?

A. Steph Willoughby says: It's known that the future Royal bride Meghan loves peonies. Posts on her Instagram (before her account was deleted) showed images of these beautiful blooms and apparently prince Harry bought her a large bunch when they were engaged; so my prediction is she will incorporate these stunners into the wedding décor.

May is the month of sweet-smelling lily of the valley, so she could choose this flower, following in the footsteps of Kate Middleton who had a posy full of these. It signifies humility, purity and a return of happiness. It would be a great choice for the men's buttonholes. Princess Diana also had this flower in her bouquet, so it may be Harry's choice to honour her memory.

Royal bouquets have been very small and chaste lately, here's hoping Meghan will set the trend for a fuller natural design, which is so popular with brides now.

Finally, myrtle will certainly be included in Meghan's' bouquet; cuttings are taken to be placed in every Royal wedding bouquet since Queen Victoria had sprigs in her posy.

Picture-perfect couple

Q. How do you think Meghan and Harry will create the perfect picture?

A. Justine Claire says: Although Harry and Meghan have the connection to the Royal family and its stately protocol, they also have the opportunity to create a more relaxed and informal day than was afforded to William and Kate. It will still be governed by certain traditions but I think we will see highlights of a day with more personal touches. Examples like choosing a Saturday for their wedding, whereas Royals are normally married on weekdays, and they have chosen the more private St Georges Chapel at Windsor castle, are my indication they're looking to create a more intimate wedding.

Meghan is used to being in the public eye – and with that confidence she'll have no problem in stamping her own mark on what her dream wedding dress will be. I imagine a vision in tulle – very romantic and quite possibly a blush tone, which seems very big this season. She has the poise and dignity to carry off her own vision of bridal beauty and I believe she will choose a British designer to create her masterpiece, but who that will be we're yet to find out!

I expect Harry will be wearing his military uniform, but wouldn't be surprised if he chose some Union Jack boxer shorts or something a bit cheeky, which would fit his sense of humour. The couple will have a traditional Church of England ceremony, but once the formal part of the day is out of the way I imagine a huge party will erupt. There is also the possibility that Harry will be checking in to see who's winning the FA Cup that day as he is the President of the Football Association – but the couple seem so down to earth I'm sure Meghan will encourage him too.

I think this ultra-modern couple are helping shape and create a very modern monarchy and they have the right attitude reflective of their generation. Good luck to them both!

Wedding belles

Q. How will the royals dress their venue?

A. Fiona Sharkey says: Tradition has it that royal bouquets are always all white and we would anticipate Meghan including myrtle and white roses together with her favourite peonies in her bouquet, perhaps choosing a hand-tied version rather than the usual teardrop. St George's Hall would traditionally be set for a wedding breakfast with one very long table and we would expect to see high arrangements down the centre of the table linked with fresh greenery. This may include blossom and trailing greenery along with the peonies, roses and myrtle.

Of course, there's always the chance that Prince Harry and Meghan will want to incorporate some exotic African flowers in bright colours to reflect their close association with the country.

A lovely bunch

Q. What flowers will be used for the royal wedding?

A. Bella Timbrell says: For the bride
I'd love to see Meghan with a wild and wondrous bouquet, filled with her favourite flowers: peonies and roses, perhaps in creams, pinks and corals; as well as lily of the valley and stephanotis as a nod to Diana; mixed with fragrant foliage like rosemary, mint and eucalyptus; and to add some depth some trailing clematis and jasmine. Not forgetting, of course, the traditional sprig of myrtle – known as the herb of love.

For her bridesmaids, simple floral crowns or pomanders are gorgeous for little ones, while wristlets or flower hoops can make an alternative to the more traditional posies.

For the groom
If Harry opts for traditional morning dress over his military uniform, a formal buttonhole of roses and stephanotis, rosemary and myrtle would tie in with Meghan's bouquet and smell amazing.

For the venue
I'd expect to see a floral arch or perhaps pillars at the entrance of St George's Chapel. However, hanging structures are massively on-trend this season and can give any venue the real wow factor, so heavenly floral displays inside the chapel would be stunning.

Keep it British
I think Meghan and Harry will want to use a British florist and, where possible, locally-grown flowers – it's rumoured that some of the flowers in Camilla's bouquet were grown at Highgrove! They could go with Shane Connolly, who was William and Kate's official florist or someone like Lavender Green Flowers who did Pippa Middleton's wedding, alternatively they could go really local and choose a Windsor florist!

Magical memories

Q. What style of photography do you think Meghan and Harry will opt for?

A. Lee and Lisa Clarke says: We've always been fans of Prince Harry (mainly due to him being a fellow ginger like Lisa!) Our prediction is that Harry and Meghan will stick with a low key and modern theme for their wedding photography just like their beautifully captured engagement photos.

To us, it feels like its a new era and we think their photos will be more sincere and relatable than any Royal wedding snaps we've seen before. Our natural, candid approach at Clarke Photographic allows us to achieve lots of emotion in our photography but it also lets the day continue flowing without it becoming all about posing for photos.

When we do capture the more traditional shots that our clients may ask for, we keep it low key and we think the couple will follow a similar approach. The snapper of their engagement photos nailed a perfect balance by giving a nod to tradition with a modern twist – for example the classic pose of showcasing the ring was captured within a very natural embrace with their arms wrapped around one another which simply shows a couple who are very much in love, the ring is almost the second thing you notice.

Also, choosing Alexi Lubomirski, a prodigy of Princess Diana's favourite snapper Mario Testino was a great touch – they could've easily chosen Mario himself to capture their engagement but in keeping with their modern approach they opted for Alexi.

We can't wait to see who they chose to snap their special day and what the results will be like – but we reckon that they will shy away from some of the pomp and ceremony and make the day about celebrating their love – just like any couple getting married should. And if your reading this Harry and Meghan – we're still currently free on the 19th May!

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