Together forever: Keep your bouquet as memento of your wedding day

Preserved wedding flower paperweights

We posed Marina Hudson from Actual Flowers the following quesiton...

Q The one thing I wish I could keep as a memento of my wedding day is my bouquet. Is this at all possible?

Marina says: Yes of course! Your flowers are such an important part of your big day and to be able to keep your actual flowers afterwards is something so many love to do. Whether it's taking a single flower and creating a paperweight or having your whole bouquet preserved and designed within a bespoke box frame, your big-day blooms can be a beautiful memento to keep forever.

Ideally flowers must be received within a couple of days after the event while they're still fresh, then they're photographed and the bouquet is carefully dismantled before the beautiful blooms and foliage are preserved in 3D. After several week, I'll then invite you to choose your design and frame working with your ideas, colour palette and budget. All framed products are collected by hand, but if you do live some distance away there's the option to post me some flowers to be made into a paperweight that can be posted back to you.

Marina Hudson,

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