Up, up and away with To Have and To Hire

Originally made trendy by art artists Charles Pétillon and Geronimo Balloons, balloons are a great way of making a big splash on a smaller budget (or larger budget for that matter). Find out more about the new balloon installation service from Sussex-based venue stylist To Have and To Hire.

Barn dressed for a wedding by To Have and To Hire "We wouldn’t recommend trying the DIY route," says the supplier's Sara Ellis, "Especially the night before your big day! There's a lot more work involved than meets the eye and the shiny glee of supermarket style balloons can render an installation cheap and tacky rather than elegant and impactful. 

"Balloon installations are so hugely versatile and have so many different uses: They can create a backdrop, an entrance, a focal point, a frilling and ‘flowering’ added to certain props, or can even be used to zone or divide areas within a venue. Interspersing dried, faux or fresh flowers can add an extra layer of depth, and an attractive combination of vitality and glamour. Balloon installations are also a trendy and creative way to add colour and drama to a venue. Best of all, they can be tailored to any colour story and even create an entire colour story - in their own right. We love to artfully mix, 'shade' and pop colours to elaborate a colour scheme. 

"It's even possible to install it during the break after the wedding breakfast ready for the evening reception to add a party vibe. Hip, pretty and impactful what more could we ask for?"

Find out more at www.tohaveandtohireweddings.com

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