Tricia and Tom didn't let a little thing like a hurricane stop their wedding, and tied the knot in Hastings Old Town along the seafront.

Tricia and Thomas first met online where she was struck by his witty banter. However, when they later met she tells us it was all about his eyes. Fastforward three-and-a-half years later and Tom decided to ask Tricia a very special question on her birthday.

“We were sat in the lounge, not far off going to bed, when I turned to Tom and told him that birthdays feel like any other day when you get older, especially when you have children,” remembered Tricia. “Tom then responded with, 'I have something that might make it a bit more special; close your eyes.'”

When she opened her eyes she saw Tom was beside her with a box – she hadn't even noticed he was on one knee! Inside the box was a photo of their little girl, emblazoned with, 'Dear mummy' and a pull tag that revealed a layer of dark red tissue paper hiding a second photo of their little one with the words, 'Will you marry my daddy?' Behind this photo hid some more tissue creating a nest for her the bride's beautiful engagement ring. The diamond was from her mother-in-law's engagement ring, which Tom had reset in a band and a different setting to suit his bride's tastes.

Unsurprisingly she said 'yes' to such a beautiful proposal.

Here, Tricia shares all the details…

Swept away: Image 1
There were three things we wanted from our venue; it needed to fit within our £5,000 budget for the whole wedding, it had to be large enough to fit our 180 guests and it had to be in the Old Town as this had played such a part in our love story and holds many special memories.


Swept away: Image 2aI wasn't very fussy about having a particular theme or colour scheme, so I asked my husband to help choose, as I knew it would make life easier when buying dresses and arranging our décor.

Swept away: Image 2 One of my friends kindly hand-decorated jars and filled them with large red roses and gypsophila which looked great.


Swept away: Image 3
A friend hand-stitched beautiful bunting for around the venue, which was very special.


Swept away: Image 4aAnother friend made quirky chalk board signs and gorgeous walls hangings made from fish nets, shells and other beach paraphernalia with the words, 'Two less fish in the sea' spelt out inside.

Swept away: Image 4 I wore Catherine by Anna Sorrano, which was pretty much the dress I'd imagine I'd wear. I knew I wanted sleeves, something with a vintage look and something that hid any post-baby weight.


Swept away: Image 5
The groom wore a navy-blue tweed-style suit and stood apart from the groomsmen who wore simple black trousers and white shirts.


Swept away: Image 6aWe had afternoon tea-type canapés with scones, biscuits, gin and tonic jelly, coloured meringues and a tea station, as I love tea! We also had vintage tea cups and nanny's homemade cakes.

Swept away: Image 6 My mum bought a few simple confetti-type table decorations, heart-shaped chocolates and Mr & Mrs Jenkins 08.09.17 chocolates were scattered on the tables; we positioned baskets of sweets around and made goodie bags for the children to entertain them.


Swept away: Image 7
The maid-of-honour wore a full-length, short sleeved, dark red lace dress.


Swept away: Image 8aOur cake was really beautiful.

Swept away: Image 8 My flowers were a hand-tied mix of cream roses. My maid-of-honour had a smaller posy.


Swept away: Image 9
Everybody's hair was ruined and we had to put on wellies. Luckily the bad weather didn't dampen anyone's mood and we all had the best day.


Swept away: Image 10aWe had piano music and a singer perform while we walked down the aisle.

Swept away: Image 10 My daughter carried a heart-shaped plaque that read 'Daddy, here comes mummy.'


Swept away: Image 11
The weather was absolutely horrendous. My preceremony shoot was supposed to take place in the Peace Garden but was leaning against the wall of a disused toilet instead due to the hurricane.


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