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Libby and Jack's celebrations at Barcombe Village Hall were eco-friendly with a nature-inspired theme

Libby and Jack met while working at a pub in Brighton. Libby was a student at the time and Jack was taking a couple of years out before starting university. They had a lot of fun together at work and romance eventually blossomed as they got to know each other on the walks home after shifts.

Jack proposed on Brighton seafront just after Christmas 2016. Libby knew straight away that something was suspicious when he told her he wanted to go into town to do some shopping, "Jack hates shopping," she says! They walked along the seafront and he diverted his bride-to-be down to a romantic spot close to the pier and popped the question, sparkling engagement ring in hand. "It was a huge surprise," Libby says. "He hadn't really said he wanted to get married before, so I didn't think it would ever happen," she continues.

Read on as the bride shares her memories of their beautiful and environmentally conscious wedding day on 26th May, 2018…

Bee mine: Image 1

I wore Violet by Rue De Seine. I've always loved crochet and knew I wanted something with a relaxed, boho feel. I loved how easily I could move in it, I didn't feel restricted at all.

Bee mine: Image 1b

I accessorised with my mum's bracelet and a necklace that belonged to my grandma. I also made myself a head piece with feathers hanging down the back.

Bee mine: Image 2

We wanted a venue that we could addour own touches to, making our own decorations and choosing our own suppliers. We were also looking for plenty of outside space and a village hall seemed perfect. It also meant that we could put money towards other elements of the day, such as the bar.

Bee mine: Image 2b

The groom was dressed in a blue Ted Baker three piece suit with a crocheted yellow tie and pocket square. He also wore a bee pin badge from the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust as a nod to our Manchester connection and our love of the little creatures.

Bee mine: Image 3 The bridesmaids wore their own dresses. I didn't want them to match, so just asked them to pick different colours and something of a similar length. They all complemented eachother with meadow bloom bouquets and flower crowns.

Bee mine: Image 4

We love board games, so for the place names, we spelled out guests' names using Tiddly Winks.Everyone also had a game card each, which had three challenges for them to complete by 10pm for a chance to win a prize – a great way to get people interacting.

Bee mine: Image 4b

As we love bees we chose to give away seeds for flowers that attract them. I painted a picture of each of the three varieties, scanned them and had them printed to stick to the little paper bags containing the seeds.

Bee mine: Image 5

We chose blue for our ceilingdecorations to imitate the sky incontrast to the grass table runners.I bought lots of old blue and whitebed sheets, which we tore intostrips and sewed together – about150 metres in total!

Bee mine: Image 5b

We only had three tables, and as we love to travel, wenamed each after islands that we'd visited. I bought alarge picture frame from a charity shop, and painted itwith blackboard paint. I enlisted a friend with very neathandwriting to write out all the guests' names!

Bee mine: Image 6 My best man and lifelong friend, Andrew, made an incredibly heartfelt speech about our school days, which had everyone laughing and crying at the same time!

Bee mine: Image 7 A friend had recommended the Caribbean Kitchen to us.We wanted a quick self-service style of catering so that we could get on with the party sooner! They served a selection of delicious canapés and for the wedding breakfast we had jerk chicken, an incredible veggie curry, and a selection of salads and couscous. The plates and cutlery were compostable, which was important to us.

Bee mine: Image 8

To continue the garden theme, we used artificial grass as table runners and coloured glass vases with meadow flowers as centrepieces. I sourced all of the vases from local charity shops and car bootsales. I also grew plants in some using cuttings from our garden.

Bee mine: Image 8b

I also had meadow flowers in the bouquets and chose simple white and blue for mine, witha more colourful version for the bridesmaids. The star of the show was the tipi structure, which our florist decorated for us. It looked incredible against the stunning view at our ceremony.

Bee mine: Image 9 As the venue was out of the city we hired a bus to transport guests from and back to Brighton. We chose The Big Lemon as they use renewable and recycled resources.

Bee mine: Image 10

I designed our table names with the help of a friend. Each one had a cut out of the island on one side and a photo of us on holiday there on the other.They were Borneo, Madagascar and New Zealand.

Bee mine: Image 10b

If you're planning a DIY wedding, don't under estimate the set-up time needed, as things will hold you back on the day. You'll need lots of help from family and friends so make sure you feed them on the set up day as well!

Bee mine: Image 11 We finished the night with Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way. By the end all of the groomsmen were up on stage singing their hearts out like a boyband, then I got carried up to join them!

Bee mine: Image 12 We started off the dancing with our own DJ set using vinyl from our personal collection – we both used to DJ at The Druids Arms pub in Brighton. We were followed by a local live band, The Long Straws, who did two sets of music including rock and roll, modern, and jive covers of hip hop and pop songs.

Libby and Jack's contact book

Bride's dress

Jean Jackson Couture


The Caribbean Kitchen Brighton


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Ravens Bakery
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Webb and Farrer

Groom's suit

Ted Baker

Hair stylist

Chris Arnett at Bo Style Brighton


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The Big Lemon


Barcombe Village Hall