FAQs and expert advice about toastmasters

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Toast of the town

Toast of the town

Q. Our venue has offered us a master of ceremonies with our wedding package. What's the different between this and a toastmaster?

A. Dan Hale says: The terms master of ceremonies and toastmaster are often used interchangeably but there are some important differences. An MC is generally less formal and more relaxed, so may not wear the traditional red coat and white gloves, use a gavel or make announcements to the same level of etiquette. For example, when asking for a round of applause a toastmaster is likely to say “please show your appreciation for” whilst an MC may say “give it up for” or “a round of applause for.” Throughout your day there will be times when tradition and etiquette are important, such as announcing toasts and speeches, and others where you want less formality, like cutting the cake or announcing your band. A professional toastmaster will work with you to understand your requirements, give advice and guidance on tradition and etiquette, and then tailor their tone and style to suit your requirements.

Dan Hale, Toastmaster Dan


Leave nothing to chance

Leave nothing to chance

Q. We're in the process of carving up our budget and we've been told it might be worth booking a toastmaster. What would the benefits be?

A. Andy Wright says: After several months of planning and preparation, your wedding is the day you want everything to be just right. A professional toastmaster provides the expertise, management skills, and tact to ensure success.

Your toastmaster will consult with you on every aspect of your big day, advising on procedure, timing and protocol. They'll liaise with the banqueting manager, the photographer/videographer, and other suppliers throughout the day. They'll also take your agreed plan and make it happen, ensuring everything runs smoothly and to time, with announcements made using the appropriate etiquette.

A well-dressed, red-coated toastmaster leading the wedding party adds colour, style and structure to your wedding. They'll look the part and give the guests a natural focus for any queries. They're also ready with a helping hand for elderly and less able guests. What's more, hiring a safe pair of hands relieves you of the stress of managing the day, so you're free to relax and enjoy the occasion alongside your family and friends.

Andy Wright, Andy Wright Toastmaster