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How to achieve the 'no-nicure' according to Mavala's nail expert

The no make-up make-up look has taken the beauty world by storm, but did you know there's a nail version? It's called the 'no-nicure,' a chic sophisticated and understanded look, natural nails are this summer's biggest look and perfect for all you beautiful brides.

However, don’t be fooled in thinking that this type of mani requires no effort, it’s actually a very high maintenance look and you’re going to need the tools…

Don’t stress though as nail expert Lynn Mason from leading Swiss nailcare brand Mavala shares her top tips on how to achieve this look. Hint: it’s all in the prep and hydration!

pushing back cuticles

Step one: cuticles

You need to make sure you take extra care around the cuticle area because if you're too heavy handed, the nails will feel stressed and result in white spots, ridges or weakness. Apply Mavala's Cuticle Remover (RRP £12.60) around the area and wait for a few minutes to let the product dissolve the cuticle. Then, gently push back the cuticle with the stick wrapped in cotton wool.

using cuticle oil

Step two: hydration

Hydration. Is. Key. Proper hydration will allow the polish to last longer and keep the nails to remain healthy underneath. Before bed each night, apply Mavala's Cuticle Oil (RRP £14.35) to the cuticle, skin and nail area. This will work overnight while your body regenerates and penetrate into the deeper layers of the nail to provide a moisture boost. Massaging the formula into the nail daily will not only allow the cuticle area to look and feel better, but the massage movement will help to stimulate the blood and nutrients to the area thus helping to improve the growth and health.

exfoliating hands with a scrub

Step three: exfoliate

Just as you would do to the skin on your face, you need to exfoliate the skin around your nails and hands. For ultra-polished and moisturised hands and cuticles, use Mavala's Lightening Nail Scrub (RRP £13.65). Created to smooth the nail, soften cuticles and eliminate dead skin cells, this exfoliant preserves flexibility and strength of the nails. Use at least once a week after you've shaped the nails by gently massaging the product for 20 seconds per finger. Rinse with warm water and reveal polished hands!

applying a base coat to nails

Step four: base coat

Just like you would apply a moisturiser before your foundation on the face, you should never ever skip a base coat on your nails. It will even help your manicure to last longer! Protect the nails and double the staying power of your polish by applying Mavala's Barrier Base Coat (RRP £14.35) before your polish. Protecting the nail and outer area of the nails, this protective base coat prevents pigments in the polish coming into direct contact with your nail plate.

Mavala Riga polish

Step five: polish

Because when you're wearing 'no make-up', you really are. For the minimalist manicure look, it's best to do just one single coat of a sheer polish. Mavala's Riga (RRP £5.50) is just sheer enough for the whites of your tips to show through and will give you that oh so chic 'no-nicure'.


Step six: topcoat

Depending on the desired result that you're after, there are a shiny, matte, fast-drying or volumizing topcoats available. Whichever look you chose; this is an essential step to your natural mani as it will prevent flaking so be sure not to leave out. Try Mavala's Colorfix Topcoat (RRP £5.50), a fast-drying formula that will seal polish in, prevent smudging, and prolong colour life.

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