The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4 launches collection of themed make-up

Calling all make-up fans and Potterheads! The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 ¾ has launched its first ever vegan and cruelty-free make up collection, created in collaboration with iconic British cosmetics brand, Barry M. Available in store and online now, the range includes collections dedicated to the Deathly Hallows, Luna Lovegood and each of the four Hogwarts houses. Each make-up range includes a selection of stunning nail paints, bold lipsticks, must-have accessories and magical eyeshadow palettes, perfect for any fan to add to their make-up bag.

The Harry Potter Deathly Hallows make-up collection THE DEATHLY HALLOWS

Fans are invited to embrace the darker side of magic with this eight-piece Deathly Hallows make-up collection. The vegan and cruelty-free range features a black, opaque nail paint, a pot-style liquid eyeliner, a long-lasting eyeliner pencil, a pack of two nail file kit and an intense black lipstick, perfect for creating a flawless ultra-smooth pout. The collection also includes a brush set with six essential brushes for eyes, lips and face, a black mascara and a highly pigmented eyeshadow palette, which is available in nine striking and blendable shades.

Each product in the Deathly Hallows range comes in black snakeskin effect packaging and features the iconic Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone and The Cloak of Invisibility that together make up the symbol of the Deathly Hallows.

The Luna Lovegood make up collection at platform 9 3/4 LUNA LOVEGOOD

Keep your make-up game exceptionally ordinary with this ten-piece Luna Lovegood collection. The set features two shimmery nail paints, two sparkly lip-glosses and two holographic eyeshadow toppers, which are available in iridescent, glittery shades. The range includes two colour-changing lipsticks, which adapt the alkaline in your lips, giving you a lip colour as unique as Luna Lovegood herself. 

All products in the range have been designed and inspired by Luna Lovegood’s quirky personality, each finished with a dusting of glitter, sparkle and pink and purple packaging. The vegan and cruelty-free collection is full of make-up bag staples for any level of make-up artistry.

The four Hogwarts Houses make-up collection from the platform at 9 3/4 HOGWARTS HOUSE MAKE-UP

Celebrate your Hogwarts house pride with these four showstopping make-up ranges dedicated to Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. The collection includes four nail paints, available in each traditional House colour alongside a stunning compact mirror. A two-pack nail file kit made up of one emery board nail file and one luxurious glass file is also available.

The palette features ten rich and blendable shades that will have you feeling as brave as a Gryffindor, as loyal as a Hufflepuff, as wise as a Ravenclaw and as ambitious as a Slytherin.

Our CWM beauty editor, Kelly Andrews, put some of the exciting new range to the test creating five fabulous eyeshadow looks for each of the four houses (she's a proud Ravenclaw) and a Deathly Hallows look for fun. Check out the video below.

Prices start at just £3.95 and the range can be purchased from The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4, Kings Cross, online at, and in-store at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter.

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