Body design specialist partners with nutrition experts for new bride package

Body design specialist Peter Cobby Body design specialist Peter Cobby, best known for transforming the fashion industry through his unique approach to health and fitness, is teaming up with the superfood gurus over at Spring Green London to offer an exclusive body preparation package for brides-to-be. The unique, all-in-one pre-wedding package is a fully comprehensive programme designed to help all women look and feel their best on the big day through a combination of personalised workout routines and tailored meal plans, all delivered direct to the door.

The revolutionary 21-day pre-wedding toning plan brings together fitness expert Peter Cobby’s one-of-a-kind at-home specialist training service with Spring Green London’s three-week Botanical Superfood Programme; a tailored meal delivery service based on the nutritional needs of each bride in the run up to the special day. The collaboration aims to help brides tone and tighten, while enhancing nutrition for a healthy glow and boosted immune system.

“Right now, with so many weddings sadly being delayed due to the pandemic, I’ve really wanted to lend a helping hand and ensure that the occasions that we are able to celebrate are as perfect as can be,” says Peter Cobby, who has worked with some of London’s top talent to create front cover transformations. “That’s why I’ve teamed up with Spring Green London, bringing fitness and nutrition together into one simple and stress-free package to boost confidence and ensure that every bride really does feel her best.”

The specialised training and toning offered by Cobby is part of the fitness expert’s innovative Living All of Life’s Adventure’s (LALA) project, which offers a new, progressive, and all-encompassing approach to training. Designed as a comprehensive fitness package covering all angles, Cobby’s perspective and outlook enables him to utilise some of the more unusual yet highly effective techniques, inspired by everything from ballet to boxing.

Under the new programme for brides to be, Cobby combines this training with a fresh, nutrient-rich food delivery service from Spring Green London; the superfood gurus that blend plant-based ingredients with international flavours to create healthy, mouth-watering, and balanced ready-to-eat dishes. As well as helping to effectively manage weight, all food packages are also designed to improve the skin, working to create a healthy, beautiful glow.

The  21-day pre-wedding toning plan is available now and is designed for any bride-to-be wanting to look and feel her best on the big day. Packages start at just £2199, and are tailored and personalised for each individual, ensuring that everyone has exactly what they need to improve their health and fitness.

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