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Wedding ideas from the Isle of Arran

Let ARRAN Sense of Scotland take care of wedding gifts for the entire bridal party – including you! And if you're in need of a favour (or forty), try some of the brand's gorgeous bath care miniatures for him and her; a gift to remind the entire party of your special day. Here are all of ARRAN Sense of Scotland's top wedding picks, including tips on choosing an enduring signature scent for your big day. Luxurious wedding day prep starts way before the big day, so take 'bridal showers' to a whole new level and get your skin in the best condition it has ever been in with ARRAN Sense of Scotland's bath and body care range. Choose your fragrance, whether it's zesty Glenashdale, refreshing After the Rain or calming Imachar with bergamot and honeysuckle, then take time to relax and unwind with luxurious bath and shower gels. Follow with a generous helping of ARRAN's body lotions which are enhanced with natural conditioning ingredients and vitamin B5 to leave skin soft, subtle and moisturised.

Posted: 27 June 2022

The Perfume Shop announces AJ Odudu as its first brand ambassador

The Perfume Shop has announced the signing of its first ever celebrity brand ambassador, TV presenter AJ Odudu. The partnership marks the start of a year-long celebration of the brand's 30th birthday – since launching in the UK back in 1992. AJ's appointment marks a first for the brand, the UK's leading high street perfume experts for the past three decades and will see the star engage in a host of exciting activations and appearances throughout the year. Of the partnership, The Perfume Shop's Managing Director Gill Smith comments; "When it came to choosing a face to work with for our 30th birthday year, AJ was always top of our list. With her infectious personality and fantastic style, we think she's the perfect fit for the brand at such an important moment in our history."

Speaking of the partnership, AJ comments; "I'm so excited to be working with The Perfume Shop for their 30th year. It's a brand I've long had a love of, from Saturday shopping with friends as a teenager to my sister working in the Blackburn branch when she was younger, so it seems like the right fit to now have come full circle and be working with them!"

Posted: 20 June 2022

Essential skincare ingredients to give you the perfect wedding glow

There's a lot to think about when you're getting ready for your wedding day, and you might be wondering what to add to your skincare routine to give you that special glow for the big day . Here, Margo Marrone, Co-Founder of natural skincare brand The Organic Pharmacy, shares some key ingredients. When you're getting ready for your wedding, there is so much to consider. From the outfits and the venue to the food and the guest list, event planning can become a little overwhelming. A nice way to get yourself ready for the big day (and also give you some much-needed self-care time) is to treat yourself to a holistic skincare routine that will give you that dream wedding glow, and keep you feeling fresh as a daisy throughout the lead-up to your celebrations. Here, we'll go through some key skincare ingredients that will keep you looking radiant and feeling relaxed throughout your special day.

Posted: 16 June 2022

What your hair colour says about your personality

A person's hair colour plays a huge role in how they portray themselves and therefore gives insight into their personality. The UK hair industry turns over an estimated £2.8 billion a year, confirming that the population is willing to invest in their hair to showcase aspects of their personality. Here, Clip Hair presents what your hair colour reveals about your personality. Bleaching hair is a commitment, as it comes with an elaborate maintenance routine to ensure that it stays healthy and shiny. Overbleaching the hair can lead to dry, brittle strands that break easily as bleach breaks down the hair's proteins in order to remove the colour. Virgin hair (hair that has never been dyed, highlighted, or chemically treated) is more likely to obtain a successful bleaching experience.

Posted: 30 May 2022

The ultimate pre-wedding skincare tips from Cult Beauty

With wedding season on the horizon and Google searches for 'wedding skincare' up by 450% over the last 12 months, experts at Cult Beauty are here to help brides-to-be with the ultimate pre-wedding skincare tips for glowing skin. Start by healing your gut Glowing skin starts with a healthy gut. We know how hard it is in the lead up to your wedding, what with all the occasions to overindulge on food and drink. But its these that can contribute to breakouts, excess sebum production and overall stressed skin. Having a balance of a healthy diet inclusive of a variety of vegetables, pre and probiotics, fermented foods, teamed with plenty of water and the right supplements to keep your gut's microbiome happy is key. Remember what goes into your body is just as important as any beauty products you're relying on for a radiant complexion!

Posted: 5 May 2022

Beauty Besties for Your Honeymoon

With the warmer months first approaching and the first summer free of Covid restrictions right around the corner, holidays and honeymoons are ON, and we're already thinking about our travel beauty stash.

If you're visiting sunnier climates on your honeymoon, this is an essential in your suitcase.

Perfect for daily use, the Aloe Soothing Sun Cream works to protect the skin from UV and environmental aggressors whilst simultaneously deeply hydrating. Lightweight enough to feel like a moisturiser, the sunscreen is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin, without feeling greasy or leaving that white cast we all dread seeing in our holiday snaps.

Posted: 29 April 2022

The ultimate pre-wedding skincare routine - according to the experts

Your special day is on the horizon and the planning is well underway.

You've found the perfect dress, your Pinterest boards are overflowing with hair and makeup looks, but the one thing you mustn't neglect is ensuring you have your skincare routine locked and loaded before the big day.

After all, to look your very best for when all eyes on you, starting at the beginning is essential.

But not to worry, experts at Cult Beauty are here to help brides-to-be with the ultimate pre wedding skincare routine.

Posted: 27 April 2022

Are you making the mistake of ‘air drying’ your skin?

Cleansing is the most fundamental step in any skincare regime – but 'air drying' your skin post-cleanse could be causing you more damage than you realise.

Simply rinsing off your cleanser with water and allowing your skin to 'air dry' sounds like no big deal, but the pH of tap water has the potential to cause dryness, irritation and inflammation when left on the skin post-cleanse.

Skincare Expert and Katherine Daniels Co-Founder Kirsti Shuba reccomends a solution

Posted: 27 April 2022

Inform your next beauty purchase; what allergens are in your skincare?

If you haven't found the products that make your skin truly happy yet, beware that ingredients in products that are labelled for sensitive skin could, in fact, be the very thing irritating your skin. Food and fragrance allergens and other irritants in these products can cause dryness, breakouts or painful redness.

Oodee is the first Allergen Neutral skincare company and is making it their mission to supply all the information you need on choosing which skincare products could be right for you, in one place.

Posted: 25 April 2022

Bouclème celebrates World Earth Day with Trees For The Future

Naturally powerful curlcare brand, Bouclème have been a proud partner of Trees for the Future since 2015. Since their partnership began Bouclème have helped the organisation to plant a staggering 67,434 trees and counting! In celebration of World Earth Day on Friday 22nd April and throughout the month Bouclème are doubling their commitment and planting two trees for every purchase made on Trees for the Future have been planting trees in impoverished countries for over 30 years. Helping to revitalise degraded lands and improve the livelihood of farmers and those in poverty.

Posted: 22 April 2022

Celebrate World Bath Bomb Day with Lush

Lush is giving away 100,000 Bath Bombs across the UK to celebrate World Bath Bomb Day!

On Wednesday 27th April you can head to your nearest Lush shop and pick up a bath bomb to take home while stocks last. Lush staff will help you navigate their selection of bath bombs available in-store to find the one most suitable for your 'me-moment' this World Bath Bomb day.

World Bath Bomb Day is to celebrate the importance of switching off, taking a deep breath, and letting your bathroom transport you to another place.

Posted: 22 April 2022

Get sandal-ready with this DIY foot scrub

Does anyone else leap into foot scrubbing panic mode as soon as the sun comes out, with the thought of taking feet out of thermal socks and into sandals? You're not alone, UK Google searches for 'Foot Scrub' are up by 130 per cent in recent weeks! Help is on hand (or foot!) as here, natural beauty expert, and founder of 100 per cent natural sugar wax brand Sugar Coated, Rosie Khandwala takes us through a natural, three-ingredient, DIY at-home foot scrub that'll have your feet sandal-ready in minutes. INGREDIENTS To create the scrub, you'll need: 400g of sugar (a gentle exfoliant), 1 sliced lemon (an anti-fungal and astringent), A handful of lavender flowers (an anti-inflamatory it also adds fragrance and soothes the skin)

Posted: 20 April 2022

Look Fabulous Forever launch mother-of-the-bride make-up kits

Look Fabulous Forever, the UK's first pro-age beauty brand, has launched a special make up kit for the Mother of the Bride (or Groom) to take the stress out of finding the right palette for the big day! With summer 2022 set to be a bumper season of weddings and special events after Covid-19 delayed celebrations, the Look Fabulous Forever Mother of the Bride kit will help keep make-up looking fresh and camera-ready all day. Tricia Cusden, founder of Look Fabulous Forever says, "We know many customers have upcoming big events such as family weddings. However, we're also aware that attending such a big occasion after so long at home in lockdown or isolating can be a daunting prospect. We wanted to create a make-up kit to not only alleviate some of that stress but help them feel their absolute best selves for their daughters, sons or loved one's big day."

Posted: 18 April 2022

Tried & Tested: W7 Legend Lasting Wear Foundation

CWM beauty editor Kelly put W7 Legend Long Wear Foundation to the test attracted by the claim that it's the perfect dupe for Estee Lauder Double Wear. Priced at just £4.99 this seemed too good to be true, but is it? WHAT W7 SAYS The W7 Legend Foundation gives a dewy feel, which leaves a matte finish with a medium to full coverage. This foundation is formulated to sit comfortably on the skin whilst lasting for hours through thick or thin. This vegan friendly foundation is a staple for all makeup bags! WHAT CWM BEAUTY EDITOR KELLY SAYS I'm a huge fan of Estee Launder Double Wear Foundation, but for everyday use, I just can't justify the price tag, despite struggling to find anything else as good. But I can safely say it's arrived in the form of W7 Legend Long Wear Foundation! It's priced at an incredible £4.99 so I was hugely sceptical, but nevertheless keen to give it a try.

Posted: 15 April 2022

Read my lips... Lip gloss is making a comeback!

Many of us first fell in love with lip gloss in our teenage years - remember those grape scented tubes of trouble?

Now, the days of that thick, tacky feeling of sticky glosses are gone, but the lip gloss is making a comeback says Melanie Barrese, head of training and education at Eyeko and Illamasqua.

"As people start going back to work and socialising after all the restrictions, there's a greater sense of freedom, as we rediscover and reinvent our make-up looks post lockdown," she says. "With make-up trends all pointing to a more pared-back, skincare infused make-up regimen, it makes sense to use lip glosses, specifically those that are a glaze or a soft transparent wash of colour."

Posted: 13 April 2022

Everything you need to know about congested skin

Dr. Janet Mason, skincare expert at new British brand The Elements shares her advice. What is congested skin? "Signs of congested skin can include a combination of skin concerns ranging from blemishes and acne, including both whiteheads and blackheads, to open, enlarged, or blocked pores. Congested skin can also cause inflammation, redness, or even sensitivity or tightness triggered by breakouts" What causes congested skin? "Congestion can be caused by a number of factors, from sweat to over-production of sebum, build-up of dead skin cells, make-up, dirt, and environmental aggressors. Daily debris builds up and gets trapped on the skin's surface causing bacteria to form which leads to spots, blackheads, uneven skin texture and a dull appearance.

Posted: 11 April 2022

Get the look: The slick ponytail

Seeing sleek ponytails coming back into trend this season on the catwalks and celebs? You may be wondering how you can achieve the look at home. The key product needed for this is something we all have - a toothbrush! A Bamboo Toothbrush is an effective (and environmentally friendly) method of smoothing flyways as the nylon bristles tame the hair - The Humble Co offers sustainable bamboo brushes for as little as £4 from Boots. For extra hold against fly-aways, The Anti Static Mist by The Hair Boss (£8.99 at Superdrug) instantly neutralises to controls fly-aways, static and frizz. Mist over hair lightly and use your bamboo toothbrush to smooth your hair back for the ultimate sleek look.

Posted: 8 April 2022

New beauty tools and accessories from Next

From skin prep with the 100 per cent rose quartz roller to the last touch of shadow with a set of six eye brushes, Next beauty has all the tools you need to perfect your skin and make-up routines with its latest collection. THE MUST-HAVE The 100 per cent natural rose quartz beauty tool set contains two rejuvenating beauty tools to help enhance your skincare routine and reduce facial tension. Use them to reduce puffiness, help to improve the skin's elasticity, even tone and promote a radiant glow. All sets available at

Posted: 6 April 2022

Your new roll models from Patchology

Introducing three new all-in-one innovative beauty must-haves from Patchology. SMOOTHING ROLL MODEL. An effective eye serum paired with a built-in yellow jade roller to ease application and help the skin to soak up the invigorating natural ingredients. This new product features anti-aging active ingredients to soothe, soften and refresh skin. Including: Peptides and niacinamide to smooth the skin's appearance. Newcomer bakuchiol (a plant-based retinol alternative) tones and refreshes the eye area. Antioxidants from blueberry and acai extracts work hard to block out environmental stressor and protect the sensitive eye area. Team the Smoothing Roll Model with Patchology's Restoring Eye Gels for the ultimate under-eye skincare solution. First, apply the serum, then top with the eye gels to help the active ingredients sink in and soften the skin. £20, available at

Posted: 1 April 2022

Are you treating your eyes with the same care as your skin?

Just like your skin, your eyes are vulnerable from too much exposure to light. Too much UV can cause the cornea to become damaged and irritated while too much screen use is a culprit for dry eye syndrome, which up to 80 per cent of adults suffer from. Here, optometrists and Peep Club founders share their expertise on how you can best protect eyes from the bright lights of daily life.It's important to protect the back of your eye area from the sun... According to Nicola Alexander-Cross, optometrist and co-founder of Peep Club, "So many of us fail to realise that our eyes are just as vulnerable as our skin when it comes to UV. Not only does UV from the sun damage cells and their DNA, in extreme cases, damage caused by the sun's harmful rays can lead to photokeratitis, a condition that results in blurry vision, redness, and that annoying nitty, gritty sensation behind the eyes."

Posted: 30 March 2022

Your three-step route to glowing, wedding-ready skin

A regular skincare routine is the secret to glowing skin on your big day. To ensure yours is prepped and perfected in time for the "I dos," the team at Foreo tell us how investing in a regime to help you maintain healthy, glowing skin right up to the big day and the honeymoon beyond is the way forward. An excessive build-up of make-up sweat and dirt on the skin can result in blocked pores, which can lead to unsightly blemishes and breakouts. Daily cleansing to remove unwanted grime also ensures skin is rid of dead skin cells, which can make your complexion appear dull and uneven. For unparalleled cleansing, the FOREO LUNA 3 Plus uses the power of ultra-soft silicone and high-tech sonic technology to give you your clearest, smoothest and firmest skin yet.

Posted: 25 March 2022

Mastering wedding make-up: A how-to guide for the big day

Wedding make-up can be a hard thing to get right: you want to glow, but not shine; to feel your best, but also look like yourself; and of course, you want your look to last. To relieve a little of that stress, Illamasqua and Eyeko's head make-up artist, Melanie Barrese gives us her easy step-by-step guide on how to create a flawless and long-lasting look that any one can recreate.

'The most important thing for most brides is ensuring they look like themselves, but the very best version. As a Makeup Artist, I encourage brides to go a tiny bit heavier with the make-up than what they would normally do, as this will ensure they look incredible in photographs.' - Melanie Barrese, Head Make-up Artist at Illamasqua and Eyeko.

Posted: 18 March 2022

Try the cult three-step treatment from HydraFacial FREE

If you're curious about the HydraFacial hype you can now try the globally loved treatment for free, with no strings attached. HydraFacial now has a permanent home in the heart of Central London where locals and visitors alike can experience the iconic HydraFacial glow, with a radiance reset worth £130.

Renowned for its instantly gratifying glow, it couldn't be easier to try the patented Vortex Technology loved by A-listers and glam squads, with one HydraFacial performed every 10 seconds across the globe.

Every month, HydraFacial will release 750 free appointments for a 45-minute Deluxe treatment worth £130, to be enjoyed at its new state-of-the-art London home.

Posted: 14 March 2022

Emma Watson's magical miracle balm

Dr.PAWPAW has garnered a whole host of celebrity fans over the years. The original UK made PAWPAW balm is a firm favourite amongst make-up artists due to its versatility, multi-tasking powers and sustainable ingredients.

Emma Watson, Harry Potter megastar and celebrated multi-award winning actress is one of Dr.PAWPAW's long-term fans. Bridal make-up specialist and artist to the stars Philippa Louise was was behind those stunning Vogue shots of Emma Watson we saw everywhere. One of the key products used to perfect this stunning au naturel look on Emma, was, you guessed it Dr.PAWPAW Original Balm!

Posted: 11 March 2022

The Bridal Beauty Co. presents The Glow Edit

Get the spring off to a glowing start with The Bridal Beauty Co.'s Glow Beauty Box, featuring the best in beauty skincare and make-up.

The Glow Edit is the essential curated beauty box featuring top skincare, mak-up and body care by big-name brands chosen specifically by The Bridal Beauty Co. team. The aim is to give brides an unrivalled access to the ultimate glow-getting products, to prep, purify and refine from top-to-toe.

Featuring 15 amazing products by award-winning beauty brands including Charlotte Tilbury, Oskia, Super Facialist, Dr Paw Paw, Miss So. and many more. Highlights include Charlotte Tilbury's iconic Magic Cream exclusive to The Bridal Beauty Co.

Posted: 8 March 2022