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Flower power

Flower power

Q. How can my bouquet complement my dress?

A. Steph Willoughby says: It's important for your florist to see a picture of your wedding dress if you're asking for a bespoke bouquet to be made. They'll be able to assess the detail and design of your gown, as well as your proportions, and design a floral display to fit perfectly. Don't be afraid to ask for a sketch of the design they've created.

Imagine – an organza dress is lightweight, usually full of fabric and demands a floating fairytale bouquet with matte textures. On the other hand, a heavy satin gown will look at its best if some of the blooms reflect a little light to complement the texture. Lace always looks incredible with a whimsical vintage-style affair.

Finally, when you're planning your consultation together with your fiancé, if you prefer to keep details of your dress secret, it's best if you email beforehand so you can keep this part of the conversation private and maintain the element of surprise.

Snap chat

Snap chat

Q. Is copyright of my photographs something I need to be conscious of?

A. Justine Claire says: Whoever clicks the shutter owns the copyright of any photograph. It protects the photographer by preventing people from copying their work and claiming it as their own. It also stops them selling, renting, lending or giving it away for free, as well as showing the work in public or adapting it in any way. Copyright protection is automatic for the photographer, as it would be for any artist or anyone creating an image.

When it comes to copyright of wedding photographs, it's pretty straightforward. They do belong to the photographer, but don't worry, you can ask your photographer not to use your images for advertising or promotion if you prefer to keep them private.

You'll usually find that your wedding images will come with permission to print, which we fully understand will be distributed to close family or printed in photo books. However, your photographer will usually ask that you use a watermarked version on social media, just so that they can retain some recognition.

So long, farewell

So long, farewell

Q. How can we ensure the end of our wedding day is fitting and memorable?

A. Harriet Ellis-Smith says: It's so important that your big day finishes on a high. After all, at the end of a long and joyous day, the culmination of months of planning, why wouldn't you want your guests to remember it? Once celebrations have drawn to a close, you can achieve this with nothing less than a beautiful and memorable send-off. Whether you're staying in newlyweds' accommodation at your venue or heading off elsewhere, delegate a trusted member of your bridal party or venue team the responsibility of gathering together your nearest and dearest, each with a sparkler in hand to send you both off through a tunnel of sparklers, wishing you well on your journey into married life. A perfect, well-rounded finish to the day's proceedings.

Your happy place

Your happy place

Q. How do we choose our perfect venue?

A. Paul Sandell says: Choosing your perfect venue can be a difficult decision, but it really shouldn't be. Much like you know your intended is the one, you'll encounter a similar sense of knowing with your venue. The one should be somewhere you feel instantly comfortable, somewhere you can relax and feel totally looked after. So the best advice we can give you is to choose a place that feels like coming home.

Your venue will play a huge role in shaping the ambience of your wedding. It becomes a third character in the narrative of your wedding story, so it's important to start with creating a vision of what you want to portray for your big day before you begin the search. Your style and personality as a couple will come into play when you consider how to reflect those traits in your venue. Consider whether you're likely to feel more at home in a hotel, stately home, barn or even in the open air.

Part of finding the perfect place to say “I do” is finding a natural rapport with its wedding team. They'll be the ones to ensure your day runs impeccably, so you need to sense that trust from the time they look after you at your initial viewing right through to the last dance.

No need for speed

No need for speed

Q. How long do we get the car for?

A. Marcus Sheen says: For however long you reasonably need it! However, some companies may impose limits, meaning you can only hire the car for a certain amount of time, or there might be an hourly charge on top of the standard hire charge. You'll find, though, that reputable companies won't impose unreasonable time limits, meaning you can take full advantage of the car without having to clock-watch.

With no time limit, extra possibilities automatically open up, such as being able to take the bridesmaids to the venue before returning for the bride. Likewise, after the “I dos,” the car can stay for photos or take the happy couple for a scenic drive together.

Having a time limit changes the dynamic, and however much you plan for the big day, things always take longer than you expect, whether it's getting ready in the morning or taking wedding photos after the service. So look for a company that doesn't impose unreasonable time limits. It gives you one less thing to worry about.